Butterfingered Chef Bag !

Hi everyone !

Today's post is short and, weirdly, not about food ! I've spend a day after Christmas having fun connecting my hobby (this blog and food) with a course I'm studying at university (costume design, which is mostly sewing).

 I made this 'Butterfingered Chef' bag ! I am so proud of it ! Hand made and hand-painted, nicely finished on the inside, has a lot of space and a zipper. I use it everyday !

In the future I'm thinking about trying to sew oven mitts and an apron and maybe some other things. I was also thinking about maybe trying to hand-paint wine glasses and plates and making some kitchen decorations etc.

 For now I am happy with just the bag cause I have too much other work to do but I have a lot of ideas for recipes, sewing and decorations ! I am so inspired !

Hope you had great Christmas ! 

Butterfingered Chef

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