Eggs Benedict - Ups and Downs

Today I decided to try and make Eggs Benedict. I tried to make them yesterday too but I failed miserably. Yesterday my hollandaise sauce tasted right BUT it had the wrong texture. When cooking this sauce there's a moment where you have to add a tea spoon of boiling water to the yolk and butter mixture and I did. Unfortunately I forgot that to the pot I took the water from I already added vinaigrette for the eggs... So of course when I added the vinaigrette water to my yolk/butter mixture it resulted in clumps appearing in the sauce. The texture of it was terrible...
I also failed in making poached eggs yesterday. I cooked them for too long and when I finally started to eat I realised that there was no yolk. I have no idea where it disappeared but it was not there...

Now, today I tried to make those eggs again.

Ingredients : 

- yolk x 2      - 3/4 slices of butter     - lemon juice    - salt
- 2 whole eggs   - vinaigrette     - pepper    - bacon/ham    - bread

The hollandaise sauce 
In a pot melt the butter. Run it through the sieve. Whip two yolks. Prepare a pot for the sauce. Take the pot and fill it with water and bring it to boil. On top of the pot put a glass bowl (it's the same as melting chocolate). Pour the whipped yolk into the bowl and mix. Add the melted butter and stir. Best to use for this is the eggbeater. While still mixing the sauce add lemon juice, pepper and a tiny bit of salt.

It's ready !

Poached egg 

Fill a pot with water and bring to the boil. Add 2 spoons of vinaigrette and stir. Delicately put the egg in. The vinaigrette will stop the white and the yolk from spilling everywhere and it will hold it together. With a spatula gently move the white around the yolk. Leave for 1-2 minutes. Take out gently and 
dry it with a paper towel.

It's ready !

While you cook the poached egg and the sauce prepare the bread and the beacon. Fry the beacon until it's nice and crispy. Same with bread.

Put the beacon on the bread and the poached egg on the beacon. Pour the sauce on top of it.

Unfortunately when I was concentrating on the poached eggs I turned off the heat under the sauce and it cooled down and dried out. I tried to melt it again but I failed miserably... At the end of the day I didn't have a sauce, I had a yolk pâté.

Even though the sauce didn't come out the way it was suppose to it was really good ! It had a nice texture, very creamy and soft. It was so delicate that it melted in my mouth. The beacon was crispy and nicely browned and together with the crispy bread was a great base for the soft and delicate pâté and the poached egg.
I love the 
hollandaise sauce. The pâté that came out of my sauce had the perfect amount of lemon juice and pepper in it. I love the combination of the sourness with the saltiness of the bacon.

I'm really proud of myself for one thing. I managed to cook perfect poached eggs ! When I poked the yolk it spilled everywhere. At least I did one thing right !

I will have to try and make the sauce once more and hopefully the next time it will be perfect...
Apart from that mistake I am quite happy with what came out of my experiment and I hope you will try to make your own Eggs Benedict and leave a comment below about how did it go !

Good Luck !

Butterfingered Chef 

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