Delicious, Quick and Easy Apple Dessert

Ummmm... Doesn't it just look yum ? This dish can be a part of a larger meal (great with liver) or it can be on its own as an appetiser or a dessert. I prefer it as a dessert.

The best thing is it's quick and easy !

All you have to do is to cut an apple in half and cut out the inside with seeds (no need to peel off the skin). If you like you can coat the apple in brown sugar (it will caramelise while in the oven). Set the oven at 175°C. The apples are ready after 15 minutes in the oven. 

You can add raspberries, orange zest, normal white sugar, raspberry and toffee dessert sauce. I also like to to sprinkle it with a tiny bit of ground cinnamon and ground chocolate. 

That's all you need ! As I said before easy and quick but what's the most important - delicious ! 

Try it out and tell me what you think ! 

Butterfingered Chef

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