Roach with Vegetables

Hi ! Today me and my dad decided to make roaches for dinner. He bought quite a lot of them but most of them were gone within half an hour.

We marinated the roaches in salt, pepper and lemon juice. While they were marinating we've cut the vegetables (carrot, yellow pepper, parsley and zucchini). Best to cut those vegetables into julienne. Then we fried them on a pan for a little while (till the point when the carrot browns a little bit. ) I've only salted them a tiny bit.

Then we've laid the roaches on a greased baking tray and we've put the vegetables on top of the roaches. We covered the roaches with aluminium and cooked it for 15-20 minutes in the oven at 200°C.

 The fish came out very delicate and tasty and the vegetables went well with the taste of it. As seen  above we served it with puree and a peeled tomato (how to peel a tomato and make puree will be a separate post). 

The roach is a very bony fish which is why it can be difficult for some people to eat (for example me... I ate one in an hour...). 

The same method of cooking can be used when preparing salmon. 

Hope you'll try it out and enjoy it ! 

Butterfingered Chef  

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