Dried and Salted Squid - кальмары

A family friend came back from her country, Ukraine , a few days ago. She brought with her a very delicious Russian/Ukrainian snack. It's called кальмары сушеные солёные - a dried and salted squid. The brand that produces it is called мoрские which can be translated as sea or marine. The brand also produces dry and salted anchovy, tuna, codfish and many more.
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This snack is very difficult to get. I never found it in England nor in Poland.
The packaging contains very little of the dry squid, so little that it's comparable to the amount of saffron  in a single packaging although probably not as expensive as the golden spice. Of what I'm aware this snack is traditionally eaten when drinking beer.

The dry squid is salty and sour. It's chewy, dry and mouthwatering at the same time (which I find an incredible combination as mouthwatering makes it juicy...). With every bite it becomes softer and it releases more and more of its sour-salty flavour. It smells fishy but actually doesn't have as much fishy flavour as you would think it should have.

This, along with dry and salted seaweed, is something you should never leave alone in my presence. I am absolutely addicted to it, which is a pain when I don't have it (means most of the time...)

If you ever find it anywhere first of all buy it ! I bet you won't regret it ! Second of all tell me in comments below where you got it from. Hopefully it's somewhere near where I live !

приятного аппетита !

Butterfingered Chef 

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